A Social, Lifestyle and Fitness Dating App Developed Exclusively for the Fitness Community.

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A Social, Lifestyle and Fitness Dating App Developed Exclusively for the Fitness Community.

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Let's Connect

Join our fitness community to connect, match and chat with new friends, new workout partners, and possibly find your fitness soulmate!

Let's Connect

Discover and meet new people. View their interests, explore their photos and show your simpathy by sending “Let’s Connect”

Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals, Fitness Models, Influencers, Coach’s and Nutritionists

A great way to Sell your Services to Fitness Enthusiasts around the World. Now you can Monetize from the content you create by using the apps unique "Lock
your Content" Feature or Create a “Marketplace” campaign where you can offer Experiences and Appearances, two great ways to make Money using the TeamUp Fitness platform!

A social platform for Fitness Enthusiasts.

Teamup.Fitness app is a social platform designed specifically for Fitness Enthusiasts. Members use our app daily to get inspired, to see in real-time who is working-out and where, see the day's current events on their feed, post comments or use it as motivation to look good, feel great or get off the couch and get active.

The mobile platform for Online Trainers/Instructors, Dietitians and Nutritionists.

It's a great way to list your specialty, background and accomplishments. List your clients, inspire others, and get that well-deserved social recognition through video stories and pictures.

I could hit 5k/month just after 8 weeks of using the platform as a PRO. Great App with great people!

Craig Kelley, Personal Trainer

When following a member, you can Teamup together.

We call it the "Ice Breaker" which allows a member to reach out and see if there is an interest in working out together.

Know when the members you follow are "Training”.

When the members you follow choose their main Gym, Cycling Studio, Pilates Studio or Fitness Center, a blue toggle icon is shown under their avatars when at location or grey when away.

Your fitness life journey through Video Stories.

It’s great to share photos of your fitness experiences, but how about some videos? Video Stories are a great way to share your experience that will engage more of  your followers to stay connected to you.

Fun ways to get motivated.

If you like lifting weights, taking Boxing or HIIT classes, doing Yoga or any fitness activity using the Teamup.Fitness app is a great way to have fun-post photos, challenge a member, use our fun mood pictures, stay motivated and get fit faster.

Sometimes we don't want to post a selfie, but a mood picture can say it all.


Take a Teamup.Fitness challenge or challenge a member to stay on track and be held accountable!  Bragging rights are on the line and you can also get adventurous and do a risk/reward challenge, this is the motivation you need to look fantastic and feel great.

Find and Hire a PRO

Numerous Personal Trainers/Instructors, Dietitians, Nutritionists and Fitness Experts can be found using the Teamup.Fitness app. Pro’s will be listed under that particular fitness center giving a member a great way to get started on their fitness journey and reach their fitness goals.

Progress Photos

Social recognition is the ultimate reward for accomplishing a goal and the Teamup.Fitness app allows a member to take progress photos, post comparison photos (can be listed by date and weight) post videos, members can allow or not allow other members to view photos. Posts allow members to compliment others, keep them motivated, or use the moods icon with funny sayings.


Use Teamup.Fitness to find over 40,000 fitness locations. Businesses - Fitness Centers, Gyms, Yoga Studios, CrossFit, etc..  They love the Teamup.Fitness app because it gives them universal exposure, analytics, branding, and a mobile platform for their members to connect and a way to reach them in real-time with exclusive offers and current events.

This platform helped us onboard 30% more members and gave our business great exposure reaching more people involved in physical fitness.

Frankie Veno, Owner — Miami Fitness & Yoga

Members love the teamup.fitness app because it allows them to connect with their workout partners, friends, or members that share their same fitness passions and interests on a platform designed for the “Fitness Enthusiast”.

"Where All Fitness Enthusiasts Go to be Seen"


“I love the challenges feature I won a couples massage!”

— Sylvia Curtis, - Member

“Fun, Engaging, and love using it…”

Vince Mecca - Member

“Great way to find members who share my passion for outdoor activities.”

Jen Bateman - Member

“Finally an APP to market myself.”

Ben Johnson - Personal Trainer

“Thanks for the challenge it keeps me motivated!”

— Sara Green - Member

“Love seeing all the posts from my gym, has a community feel.”

— Katie Chin - Member

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